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Bookmark is a content agency now owned by WPP whose origins were as a pioneering, independent publisher in Soho. It was one of the initial founders of StreetSmart and continues to provide valuable office space, creative and administrative staff, and produces all the marketing and publicity literature as well as digital expertise associated with StreetSmart.

Evening Standard

The Evening Standard and their restaurant critic Fay Maschler were instrumental in promoting StreetSmart in London from its conception in 1998 and  continue to  champion the cause to this day.

“The StreetSmart scheme is simplicity itself to administer and, in my experience, those who eat out during the festive months, often celebrating their own good fortune, find the modest £1 donation a painless way to give a helping hand. If life in the streets is improved, it impinges beneficially on everyone. I know that when I am out reviewing restaurants for the Evening Standard, I am always pleased to see the StreetSmart card on the table.” Fay Maschler, Restaurant Critic, Evening Standard


squaremeal.co.uk in conjunction with its printed versions, the Square Meal Guide and Square Meal Magazine, gives on-line restaurant reviews and up to the minute restaurant news. Square Meal has for the past 20 years been recognised as the eating out and corporate entertaining bible. www.squaremeal.co.uk