Apply For Funding

StreetSmart supports a wide range of homeless organisations that operate within the cities in which the campaign runs. Every penny raised in each city is spent only in that city.

Homeless charities seeking funding from StreetSmart should submit their application in writing during December.

The organisations funded by StreetSmart must work progressively with their client group. Successful applications receive support for projects aimed at helping the homeless to make a better life for themselves, focussing on mental and physical health, employability and sustainable independent living. Grants are given to those who support people through the crucial stages in their progress from vagrant to valued community member.

There is no formal application process, but charities should outline the aims and achievements of the organisation, and explain in detail the specific area of their work in need of financial support, e.g: project worker salary, educational programmes, meaningful occupation. StreetSmart does not provide funding to soup kitchens unless they form part of a drop-in centre linked into other services.

If the project meets our criteria, we will then arrange for a StreetSmart representative to visit the project at some point during January and February and report back to the trustees.

The trustees of StreetSmart meet in April to decide which applications have been successful.

Please contact your regional campaign manager, or email [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.