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Second Lockdown

“The support for StreetSmart this year has been humbling. So many restaurateurs queuing up to do their bit for the homeless even though times are so uncertain and some unnecessary obstacles have been thrown at them. We were due to start fundraising this week and with less than 3% of COVID cases coming via the hospitality route, we had no qualms about urging people to dine out and to simply donate £1 to help raise money for people living on the streets. But now that will all be put on hold, the future of so many of our supporters is at risk and we are devastated. I hope the second lockdown will be short and we see our restaurants full in December – the livelihood of so many depend on it as does the vital funds these heroic people help us raise” Glenn Pougnet, Director StreetSmart.

We have received many emails over the last week pledging support so we wanted to suggest a few ways that you could help STREETSMART during the lockdown:

  • If you are open this week then please start adding on those £1s for StreetSmart.
  • How about adding £1 to food deliveries for Streetsmart during November
  • Please don’t throw the cards away–  we ask that you to keep them somewhere safe and hopefully when you reopen in December restart the campaign.
  • If you feel you are able then you could extend the fundraising into January 2021. Please let us know at some point if you feel you are able to do so.
  • Customers can also donate to Streetsmart by going to justgiving.com/streetsmart. Feel free to share the link in your correspondence to them over this period or in your social bio. If you require our logo or other images please contact us (details below).
  • Shout about what you are able to do on social @streetsmartuk and we will repost/keep the campaign alive plus we will share with our followers any other deliveries, incentives, goodies, good deeds you may be doing.

Once again, we thank you for your support and please do contact us with any questions or further fundraising ideas.