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A new home for Shelter from the Storm

Founded by Sheila Scott and Louie Salvoni, Shelter from the Storm has been supporting the homeless across London for over a decade. Having seen the issues of homelessness around their Islington homes, both Scott and Salvoni were shocked at how a central borough could have such extreme wealth and poverty living side by side. And so, Shelter from the Storm was born.

From opening a shelter for one night in a church hall to offering free emergency accommodation every night of the year, the charity has come a long way. And now, it’s celebrating a brand new home!

Located in north London, the new, 40-bed shelter is available to support people in need. Its purpose-built features ensure it has the needs of the homeless at its core. Everyone who is welcomed to Shelter from the Storm is treated as a guest.

The three dorms (two male and one female) provide guests with bunk beds and a personal lockable wardrobe, with toilets and showers nearby. They’ll each receive a warm evening meal and breakfast in the café, along with use of the IT facilities, laundry service, the clothing store and lounge area. Help is also available to those who would like to make use of the counselling room or who want some peace in the covered garden.

Funded entirely through donations and grants, the cost of providing a bed for the night is currently £18.90. Without donations and support through campaigns like ours at StreetSmart, the shelter wouldn’t be able to run.

In response to the opening, Shelia said “With the fantastic support of StreetSmart, we completed extensive refurbishments of our new home and moved in June 2019 without missing a single night of shelter for our homeless guests – a wonderful achievement for everyone involved.

StreetSmart are proud to have supported Shelter from the Storm for the past 10 years.