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St John – Finer than Fine

St John is one of the most inspirational restaurants that has ever opened in London. The bare bones (with marrow and parsley) of the menu have won fans around the world, while the stark aesthetic of the dining room remains influential after almost 30 years.
Chef Fergus Henderson’s zero-waste concept of nose-to-tail dining was decades ahead of its time. Throw in Trevor Gulliver’s thoughtful wine list and you have a formula that is often replicated but rarely matched. As dining goes, it’s better than fine without ever resembling fine dining.
The restaurant has supported StreetSmart right from the start, and has quietly raised £68.000 over the years. The cause is a good fit with St John’s principled approach to hospitality, demonstrating that the enthusiastic pursuit of pleasure can be wholly consistent with doing the right thing.
“We thought StreetSmart was an excellent idea when it started and we still do, years later,” Trevor and Fergus say. “We’re delighted to have this direct conduit to helping our London community…And have a good lunch.”