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Some of the coolest StreetSmart restaurants with the best prices

My friends often tell me that they’d like to donate to StreetSmart but think our participating restaurants are out of their budget. So here’s our list of top eats that won’t make you compromise on cost or quality:



What they serve: ‘Dirty’ beef burgers, finger-lickin’ wings, chilli dogs and cheese fries. Oh, and liquor – lots of liquor.

Find them: Over 10 sites including Hoxton, Covent Garden, Brixton, Leeds & more

Where the money goes: Brixton Soup Kitchen 



What they serve: Venetian meatballs, pasta, pizza and cicchetti.

Find them: 10 sites including Notting Hill, Soho, Smithfield & Brighton

Where the money goes: The Clock Tower Sanctuary


Som Saa

What they serve: The best regional Thai food – woks, red curries, spicy grills and Bangkok-style papaya salads.

Find them: Spitalfields, East London

Where the money goes: Crisis Cafe


Farm Girl

What they serve: Signature ‘liquid-gold’ lattes, Avo toast, apple pancakes, eggs, hearty BLTs and sweet treats.

Find them: Notting Hill

Where the money goes: 240 Project arts, health and wellbeing centre



What they serve: Family-style Sri Lankan cooking.

Find them: Soho, St. Christopher’s Place

Where the money goes: The Connection at St Martin’s outreach service


Salt the Radish

What they serve: Brazilian coffee, toasted banana bread, poached eggs on sourdough and vegan salads.

Find them: Finsbury Park

Where the money goes: Shelter From the Storm



What they serve: Pumpkin and pesto pizza, Tuscan sausage, classic spaghetti, Pannettone French toast with crème fraiche.

Find them: Hackney Downs, London Fields

Where the money goes: Shelter Hackney Family Services



What they serve: Confit duck, cod fish stew, Goat Cheese Risotto.

Find them: Six sites including Farringdon and King’s Cross

Where the money goes: C4WS Homeless Project


Islington Townhouse

 What they serve: Signature Town House Cheeseburger, Chicken Schnitzel, flat iron steak.

Find them: Islington

Where the money goes: The Margins Project emergency accommodation and café training programme; the pub hires homeless trainees from the scheme.

The campaign runs 1 November – 31 December

100% of all the £1.00 donations will go to homeless projects in the local area