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Zapper and StreetSmart partner to provide customers with a simple and secure way to donate to charity

London UK, 2nd May 2015 – Zapper, (www.zapper.com), the mobile payments and marketing company, has partnered with StreetSmart, which raises hundreds of thousands of pounds for homeless charities each year. The partnership will allow diners in StreetSmart restaurants to quickly, and seamlessly donate using Zapper’s payment technology. Furthermore Zapper will be donating 50 pence for every new user over the next six months. At StreetSmart participating restaurants, a voluntary £1 is added to the table bill at the end of a meal during the months of November and December. All of those £1s go to support reputable charities in the same city as the restaurant. So participating London diners are helping out London organisations, and Newcastle diners are helping organisations in the North East. Zapper will provide its innovative mobile payment solution on StreetSmart table cards, allowing diners to donate further if they so wish by simply scanning a QR code. This technology prints a QR code on bills, which diners can then scan with their free Zapper app to pay their bills without having to wait for a card terminal. The diner can easily add a tip or split the bill as desired. Zapper also captures customer’s details, allowing restaurants to build a community and provide targeted offers and promotions. Zapper will be donating 50p for every new user that signs up over the next six months. Zapper CEO, Gerry Hooper said, “We are proud to be working with StreetSmart, an organisation that can deliver help where it’s needed with the minimum of fuss. We hope that Zapper’s fast and simple payment platform will encourage even more people to contribute to what is truly an incredibly worthy cause.” Zapper and StreetSmart will benefit from a shared portfolio of clients within the restaurant and café market, bringing hundreds of new businesses to StreetSmart and potentially raising huge amounts of money for charity. Director of StreetSmart, Glenn Pougnet said, “It’s great to be working with Zapper, we hope its platform will encourage even more people to donate to our cause. Zapper are already partnered with hundreds of great restaurants and we relish the opportunity to add them to our roster of StreetSmart partnered venues.” Zapper already has hundreds of independent restaurants and chains using the system internationally. The Zapper app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. For more information about Zapper please visit: www.zapper.com